To search for a family member enter the Family member's name and click Search. Select the correct individual from the list presented and left click on him/her.

There are a large number of individuals in the Woodruff family with the same or similar names. Take care to ensure that you have selected the correct individual by examining the details of their record. Immediately below the name of the individual you have selected you will see a blue bar labelled Personal Facts and Details. The last option on that bar is labelled ALL. Click on this to display all the details about that individual. If you have enough information for a positive identification you can proceed to obtain Charts Lists Reports under the Options for individual box inthe upper right of the screen. If you have the wrong individual simply click on Search for a Family Member on the left of the screen and start again.

Sometimes you just aren't sure whether you have the right person. Please use the Help function on the Home Page and either Ask a Family Member or Contact Administrator. Everyone likes to help others track down family history.